Save me!

We will embark upon a Day which shall be the first and last of its kind. A day when the child’s hair will grey, the pregnant woman will miscarry and mankind will be rendered to a drunken way.[1] The day Allaah will tell our Father, Adam, who from his offspring is for the Fire:

“Out of each thousand, take out 999.” [2]

The Day that man will bite his hands in regret and wish he had taken a way with the Messenger [3] (صلى الله عليه وسلم). The Day he will curse himself for sinning in the life which passes like a dream, only to be faced with the consequences for an eternity.

He will cry for destruction when he hears the roars of the Hellfire.[4] One will wish he were turned to dust, as is the fate of the animals on that Day[5]. How far he shall fall from his self regarding greatness, from his self proclaimed status, from his self centred vainness.

We will embark upon a Day in which our only concern will be salvation. Saving ourselves from damnation. Our only concern will be protecting our skin. Forgotten will be our ties of kin[6].

We are driving to our Lord, and this Day is the station. Following its end is but two destinations. Delight or destruction is all there will be. And a cry made in vain from the losers…

“Please… Save me!”


[1] Surat Al- Haj: 2

[2] Narrated by Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri. Sahih Al- Bukhari

[3] Surat Al-Furqan: 27

[4] Surat Al-Furqan:12-14

[5] Refer to Tafsir Ibn Kathir. Surat An-Naba’: 40

[6] Surat ‘Abasa: 34-37


2 thoughts on “Save me!

  1. Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullah,
    Wow, powerful words! Very eloquently phrased, mashaAllah. Jazak Allahu Khayran! I love reading your blogs too alhamdulillah. 😀 Barak Allahu feek!

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