They preferred virtues…

Ibn Hazm (رحمه الله) said in his book “Kitaab-ul Akhlaaq was-Siyar”:

The pleasure of the rational one with his ability to differentiate; the pleasure of the knowledgeable one due to his knowledge; the pleasure of the wise due to his wisdom; the pleasure of the diligent due to his diligence for the sake of Allaah is greater than the pleasure of the eater with his food, the drinker with his drink, the one who has intercourse due to his intercourse, the earner due to his earnings, the player due to his play and the one who commands when he commands.

The proof of that is that the wise, the knowledgeable, the rational and the worshipper all find these named pleasures, just like the one who is absorbed in them finds them; they feel it the way the one who is preoccupied with it does, yet they left these pleasures, turned away from them and they preferred virtues over them. And verily it is only one who knows two things, that can judge between them, not one who knows only one and is ignorant from the other.

Source: Muwahidoon


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