Double standards

1) He saves money for a “rainy day” so that his house/wealth/well-being in the future are protected, yet saves nothing of good deeds so that his soul can survive in the next life. Instead he destroys his hereafter for the worthless price of this world.

2) He sees a righteous person doing deeds for his hereafter and says “MashaAllaah” but does not perform the deeds himself.

3) He spends on his wife and his children so that they will be happy from him. He forgets/is negligent, to teach them about religion and he does not discipline them in performing the deeds that will make them eternally happy.

4) He allows his children to listen to music/watch TV/intermingle with the opposite sex in school for the sake of education, not realising that it is his lack of educating them which would make them want to do what is disobedience to Allaah in the first place.

5) His focus is ease and happiness. He strives for it but in the process of doing so falls in to haraam, possibly even shirk and destroys his chance of permanent happiness and risks going to the fire, whose torment no one can bear, even for a second.

6) He blames external causes for the degradation of the religious commitment in his household, despite the fact that he was the Imam to which his family members looked up to and they followed his footsteps.

7) He wants success for his children, but when they start to practise the Deen of Allaah, he discourages them and tells them to do jobs that will make them “successful” in the eyes of people.

8) He spends 11 months of the year sinning, is righteous for the month of Ramadhan but does not continue in righteousness, rather he returns to sin.

9) He discourages innovations in the religion but doesn’t learn enough about the religion to see that he himself is innovating in it.

10) His eyes desire beauty in his spouse/children/house/car, yet when he has all of these things he is ungrateful to Allaah despite His many blessings upon him

11) He lives in a comfortable life and thinks that this is because he is beloved to Allaah and not that it is a means of testing (Refer to Surat al-Kahf: 32-44)

12) He nourishes the needs of his body through food and drink but leaves his soul starving because he does not fulfil its purpose of obeying and worshipping Allaah.

13) He demands to be given his rights in his personal and business life but does not fulfil the rights of others upon him (Refer to Surat al-Mutaffifeen: 1-3)

14) He does not forgive the mistakes of others but is offended if he is not forgiven for his shortcomings.

15) He does what is easy from wearing a prayer cap and growing his beard but follows his desires and is lacking in his duties

[I am sure there are many other double standards to be mentioned, and I would appreciate if any one thinks of them to comment so that I can add to the list. Please note that un-Islamic posts will not be approved nor added to the list, jazaakum Allaahu khayran]


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