The Four Imams and atheism

Ar-Rasheed asked al-Imaam Malik – may Allah have mercy upon him – about atheism. He responded by citing the different languages, sounds and tones as evidence [to the presence of the Creator]

It was narrated that Abu Haneefah was asked about the presence of the Creator by some hypocrites. He responded:

“Give me a minute, I am thinking about something that I was informed about; I was told about an illustrious ship in the seas – full of all kinds of merchandise. There is no one to guard it or sail it. However, it goes and comes, sails all by itself. It captains itself through huge waves safely navigating through them, it sails where it wishes, without anyone to sail it…”

They said:

“No sane person would say this!”

He responded:

“Woe to you! And all this creation, inclusive of the heavens, and the earth with all that is within it, does not have a creator?!”

So their argument was debased, they accepted the truth and embraced Islam under his hands.

When Al Shaafi’ee – may Allah have mercy upon him – was asked about the presence of the Creator, he responded:

“This leaf of a grape vine…it is of one substance…but worms eat it and produce the finest silk , bees eat it and produce honey, sheep and cattle eat it and produce manure, lizards eat it and produce musk…all that, and it is only one thing.”

Al-Imaam Ahmad was also asked about this, he responded:

“A secure and smooth enclosure with no point of entry or exit. Its exterior is as white silver and its interior is as pure gold. It remains dormant for some time, until suddenly, its walls crack, and from it emerges a beautiful creature that can see, hear and produce pleasant sounds.”

He meant the egg which hatches a chick!



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