The Manifestation of the Lord

The Qur’aan is the words of Allaah, and He, the Almighty manifested His glory to His creatures through His attributes. When He shows His Greatness and Majesty, His creatures will submit and pride will melt away like salt in water. He manifests His attributes of beauty and perfection, which are the perfection of His names and the beauty of His actions, which show the perfection of His self. So the servant will love Him and his heart will be empty from any love other than love for Allaah. And if the other wanted to end this love, his heart and body will refuse. This love will remain as his innate nature as it is not artificial.

If Allaah manifests His glory in the attributes of mercy, charity, and kindness, then the power of hope will emit from the servant and he will show his wish and resort to Allaah and the more his hope increases the more he will work hard. It is exactly like the one who sows seeds in his land. The more his greed increases in what he will harvest, the more he will sow the seeds, but if his hope is weak, he will become stingy and careless in sowing them.

If Allaah shows Himself through His attributes of justice, revenge, anger, wrath and punishment, the evil soul will be repressed, stooped and its power will be weakened from imagination, anger and lust and it will be afraid.

If He shows Himself through His attributes of commanding, forbidding, sending Messengers, revealing Books and setting decrees, then the ability to obey, report, and follow these orders will be shown. People will follow His orders and will avoid whatever He has forbidden.

If He manifests Himself through His attributes of listening, seeing and knowing, then the servant will be shy. He will be ashamed that his Lord sees and listens to him, as he does not want Him to see him doing what He hates, hear what He hates or hide what He hates. His thoughts, words and deeds will remain balanced according to the law of Islam not according to imagination and nature.

If Allaah manifested Himself through His attributes of sufficiency, managing His servants’ interests, insuring their subsistence, preventing distress, and supporting, protecting and accompanying His pious people, then the servant will show the ability to put trust in Allaah and be committed to Him, and He will be satisfied with that and will all that Allaah destined for him.

If He shows His attributes of glory and pride, the good soul will show humility to His power, submission to His pride, and his heart and limbs will submit to Him and recklessness will vanish.

The essence of this is that Allaah, the Exalted knows His servants through His attributes of both Divinity and Lordship  The attributes of Divinity provoke special love, longing to meet Allaah, and pleasing Him by obeying, and remembering Him. And the attributes of the Lordship of Allaah induce trust in Him, resorting to Him, asking for His support, and showing humility and submission to Him. Perfection is when the servant knows the Divinity and Lordship of Allaah. It is also to see His power in His forgiveness, His wisdom in His Divine decree, His blessing in affliction, giving in preventing, justice in revenge, generosity in forgiveness, wisdom and blessing in commanding and forbidding, glory in anger and pleasure, patience in giving chances, generosity in advancing, and sufficiency in what He has forbidden. If you carefully consider the Qur’aan without any distortion or evil opinions you will see a dominating King over the heavens, who manages His servants’ affairs, send Messengers, Books, and sometimes He is angry or pleased, sometimes He rewards or punishes, sometimes He gives or prevents, sometimes He humiliates or honours, sometimes He lowers or raises, and always He sees and hears from above the seven heavens, and knows what is kept secret and what is broadcast. A leaf does not fall, nothing moves, and no one intercedes in His presence except with His permission.

Ibn Al Qayyim -Al Fawaa’id


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