A Precious Gem: The Content of the Qur’aan

If we look closely at the words of the Qur’aan, we will find a Sovereign, to whom belongs all Dominion and all praise and thanks are due to Him, all affairs are in His grasp, and He is the source and the end of all affairs. He rose over His throne, and no secret of His kingdom shall ever be hidden from Him, as He is the Knower of the servants’ souls. He Alone is the Planner of the kingdom’s affairs. He hears, sees, grants, averts, rewards, punishes, honours, abases, creates, gives and takes life, provides estimates, judges, and conducts the affairs of man.

The decrees, whether minor or major, descend and ascend by His permission. Nothing can move, even equal to the weight of an atom, except by His permission; not a leaf falls, but He knows it.

Let’s think about the way in which He praises and glorifies Himself, and how He warns His servants and guides them to happiness and salvation, by directing their interest to the right path. He warns them against the way of destruction. He acquaints them with His Names and Attributes, and He gets closer to them by bestowing His blessings and grace upon them. He reminds them of His blessing, and orders to the way of salvation. He warns them against His wrath, reminding them of the reward prepared for them if they are obedient, and also of the torment prepared for them if they are disobedient. He narrates the stories of the believers and the disbelievers as well as the end of both parties.

He praises the believers by virtue of their good deeds and qualities, and He dispraises His enemies by their wrong doings and evil qualities. He sets forth parables and provides evidence and proof. He refutes the lies of His enemies by portraying the best of answers, and believing the truthful and belying the liars. He says the truth and guides to the right path.

He calls to the dwelling of peace, mentioning its characteristics, and its bliss. He warns against the dwelling of destruction, mentioning its torment, awfulness and pain.

He mentions His servants and their need for Him at all times: there is never a time when they are not in need of Him, even for the twinkling of an eye. He states His richness above all creatures, and the fact that He is free of all needs and wants. He mentions the fact that all creatures stand in need of Him, and no one can attain the least blessing or more except by His Mercy and Grace, and no one can be afflicted by the least amount of evil or more except by His justice and wisdom.

The speech of Allaah implies His gentle admonition to the believers, because in spite of everything He raises them from their falls, forgives and excuses them, reforms their corruption, and supports them. For them, He is the defender, the supporter, the sustainer, and the rescuer from every distress. He always fulfils His promises. They have no protector other than Him, for He is their true Master, and their Helper against their enemies, so what an excellent Protector and what an excellent Helper.

If the hearts witness through the Qur’aan, a glorious, great, bountiful, merciful sovereign like this, then how can these hearts stop loving Him, and how can they not compete in approaching Him and getting closer to Him? For them, that sovereign should be the most lovable of all, and His satisfaction should be sought more than the satisfaction of others.

Really, how can these hearts stop remembering Him, since loving and longing for Him are the source of power and remedy, to the extent that if the hearts do not have these things then destruction and corruption would be their destiny, and their lives would be of no value.


Ibn al-Qayyim. Al Fawaa’id


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