My Prison

I was born in a prison, surrounded by wild beasts. They devour any traces of humanity around them and tear at the flesh of one another till the red stain of blood becomes the permanent colour of their lips. I try, but I cannot remain unscathed. My guards partake in the brutality and abuse their position over me. Their uniforms are deceptive and the deception is clear.

They are all aiming for a treasure that I possess; its value is unimaginable. I keep it in my heart and though they scratch at my chest they will not reach it.

“Verily, in the remembrance of Allaah do hearts find rest” [Surat Ar-Rad:28]

My conviction of eventual freedom is a source of enmity for them; I am a stranger, but content in being so. Time will tell the actuality of this prison and patience will help me endure its hardship.

“The world is a prison house for a believer and Paradise for a non-believer” [Sahih Muslim]

For now, my medicine is administered five times a day; it soothes the wounds they inflict upon me and those wounds that are self inflicted.

I do not know when my liberation will be. So I will spend my time preparing for the questioning I will face in court on the Day about which there is no doubt.


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